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In the Tradition of Gary Drendel

About Drendel’s Tree Service

Drendel’s Tree Service is a full-service large tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding company, founded by Gary Drendel. The Drendel’s Tree Service team became known as the hardest working, most trusted, and most reliable Portland tree service for over 60 years.

In 2015, Chris Nash, a licensed, certified forensic arborist, with extensive experience in big tree removal, stepped in to assist Gary by continuing to honor the quality, hard work and outstanding service of Gary Drendel.

“I’m a certified arborist with over 30 years experience in large tree removal, tree care, landscape management, and forest management. I plan to continue growing Drendel’s Tree Service and living up to the high standards of excellence set by Gary Drendel.” – Chris Nash, Owner

Tree Removal

Drendel’s Tree Service specializes in large tree removal. If a tree presents a hazard, is dead, diseased, or growing too close to your home, Drendel’s Tree Service, your Portland Tree Removal expert, has the team that can remove it safely and efficiently. If it does not need to be removed, Drendel’s Tree Service can prune, or trim the tree to meet industry standards for safety, health and aesthetics. Drendel’s Tree Service’s licensed, certified, forensic arborists are available to examine any tree and provide an educated expert evaluation.

Tree Pruning

The Pacific Northwest and greater Portland area climate is ideal for the growth of your arboriculture. Sometimes, your tree may grow too quickly, compromising its safety, health and aesthetic. Drendel’s Tree Service will help keep your trees in great condition, by pruning in accordance with ISA Standards and performing appropriate clean-outs. A “clean-out” is the removal and disposal of deadwood, center-growth and non-canopy developing cross-branches from the tree in order to promote safety to occupants and property, promote health to the tree and the arboriculture, and increase aesthetic value. A clean-out reduces the sail effect, allows for sun filtration and promotes a stronger, healthier canopy and arboriculture, keeping moss and moisture to a minimum. All cuts are made to laterals to promote proper healing, thus reducing the opportunity of decay and insect infestation.

Remember: Trimming trees can be dangerous work. Instead of attempting it yourself, trust Drendel’s Tree Service’s certified arborist and experienced Portland tree pruning experts to do the job right. We’re available available 24-hour per day, and are only a phone call away. Our certified arborists provide valuable consultations.

Stump Grinding

After the removal of a tree, it’s important to grind the stump and primary root structure. Decaying stumps and roots can lead to insect infestations and injury as the ground softens and sinks.

Even the most dedicated DIY stump removal project can’t match Drendel’s Tree Service’s results. Our expertise and heavy duty tools and equipment allow us to do the job safely and efficiently.

grinding down a tree stump
tree pruning

Consulting / Certified Arborists

Don’t trust just any tree service to work in your Portland yard. Our ISA-Certified Arborists® have years of education, experience, and training. They’re proud to provide tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and general tree services that you can trust. Drendel’s Tree Service has more than 60 years experience in the greater Portland area and are committed to your satisfaction.


While we’re based in the Portland area, we’re available for large tree removal and tree service projects throughout Oregon.


We’re also available to travel to Washington to trim, prune, and inspect large trees.

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